The Music Series

Voices of a Grateful Nation uses the medium of music as the seminal tool in our mission to redefine troop support. In an attempt to highlighting the challenges that face our homecoming troops and to sound a call for action from the public and the private sector, we have produced two audio CDs in our "Voices of a Grateful Nation" music series. These unique recordings feature top-tier artists singing songs of gratitude, support, and understanding.

These discs, the first two in the ongoing series, feature Texas artists and were released on Veteran's Day, November 11, 2008. Our team is reaching out to other record producers and music business executives nationwide to create additional CDs that highlight artists from different parts of the country and other music genres. Each CD will include an insert booklet that addresses the issues faced by our troops and their loved ones and the practical programs offered by the Project Team to meet these challenges.