About Voice's

Voice's of a Grateful Nation

Voices of a Grateful Nation or "Voices" is a nonprofit organization created in 2007 by a group of Texas businessmen, music industry executives, and artists to lend a hand to troops returning home from the conflicts abroad. Our focus is on our troops who have suffered Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and our tools are music, popular culture and the compassionate spirit of the American People. To raise awareness of this terrible injury and related conditions like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, we have created the Voices of a Grateful Nation CD Series that features top-tier artists singing songs of gratitude, support, and understanding. By getting popular entertainers to write and record songs about the troops and the challenges they face, we want to PROVIDE POSITIVE REMIDERS OF THE SACRIFICE BEING MADE EVERYDAY BY THE ALL VOLUNTEER MILITARY AND make it "cool" to support the American Veteran for their service and sacrifice.  

THE VOICES MUSIC SERIES WILL CONTINUE NEW RECORDING TO CARRY ON THE MUSIC BANNER AND SELL THE SONGS BY POPULAR ARTISTS TO RAISE AWARENESS AND FUNDING FOR OUR COLLABORATION WITH SOLDIERS ANGELS PROVIDING MUSIC OPPORTUNITIES TO SOME OF THE 350,000 TBI VETERANS COMING HOME FOR IRAQ AND AFGANISTAN. Contemporary research establishes an indelible connection between music and TBI recovery. With this in mind, we have developed a guitar-teaching program AS PART OF "OPERATION SOFT LANDING" AND a component of the TBI rehabilitation process. We're currently involved with a number of TBI students, we've provided them guitars and specialized instructors and we're generating exceptional results.

Voices of a Grateful Nation is currently working as a team under the wing of our fellow nonprofit, Soldiers' Angels. We feel that our expertise in music and the arts coupled with our wherewithal to shape these components of popular culture into successful troop support and public awareness campaign add an effective dimension to the tremendous work undertaken by Soldiers' Angels.

Soldier's Angels Support Center

The Soldiers' Angels Support Center, "SASC," is the new national headquarters for the largest volunteer nonprofit troop-support operation in the United States, Soldiers' Angels . From this centralized location in the great military town of San Antonio, situated adjacent to Brooke Army Medical Center, Soldiers' Angels is better able to maximize efficiency, minimize costs, and put veterans to work in maintaining the steady stream of support to our troops in the field and their families at home. During the calendar year, 2009, this benevolent organization and its all-veteran staff delivered over $20 million in essential goods and services to the troops and their families.

Operation Soft Landing

SASC is also home to one of Soldiers' Angels newest teams, Operation Soft Landing (OSL). This special team is a response to the ever-expanding array of issues our troops are facing in their readjustments to life at home after extended combat duties overseas. OSL works with these young vets to deal with domestic and financial challenges, to secure employment, to deal with the lingering effects of Traumatic Brain Injuries and PTSD, and to offer them a wholesome and supportive environment to regain their stateside balance. With this in mind Soldiers' Angels has created "Angels' Landing," a special venue at SASC where our homecoming heroes can congregate, relax and take advantage of the activities and opportunities offered through OSL and plan for their future.

A Salute to Heros and Angels

SASC also houses "A Salute to Heroes and Angels," a state-of-the-art exhibition that depicts the history of the organization and its significance in contemporary society with a specific focus on the role of troop-support nonprofit organizations in the complicated dynamic of our country's twenty-first century international military commitments.